International Removals - Imports:
Come from the country or countries of residence or origin of the traveler;
reach the country within three months before or six months after the landing of the traveler.
The date of disembarkation of the traveler in the country will be proven by presentation of ticket or passport.
In the case of immigrant who, after entering the country temporarily, get permanent residency visa, the period of six months shall be counted from the date of grant of visa .
In justified cases, the local customs authority may extend the periods mentioned in this article, the most by an equal period.
Applies the treatment of unaccompanied baggage for goods traveling from abroad, regardless of the means of transport used for shipping.
Customs clearance of unaccompanied baggage must be commenced within ninety days from the date of discharge, based on the Simplified Import Declaration ~ ISD established by Instructions the Normative 69, December 10, 1996, submitted by the traveler or his legal representative in the unit of the Internal Revenue Service - SRF in whose jurisdiction the goods are located.
The ISD will be instructed with the relations of property, the original bill of lading or equivalent document and other pertinent documents.
In respect of goods should include the quantity, description, value of goods and other items necessary for their identification.
Customs clearance of unaccompanied baggage may only be processed after confirmation of arrival of the traveler to the country

International Removals - Export:
The assets included in unaccompanied baggage must be subjected to customs clearance for export through the Simplified Export Declaration (SED), expressed in a personal computer connected to the Integrated Foreign Trade (Siscomex) and may in that case be dismissed the procedure is to use Siscomex, if the statement is prepared by an officer of Customs or by a customs broker appointed by the traveler.

Atenção: A exportação por meio do Siscomex é um procedimento que não é tão simples para as pessoas não habituadas aos procedimentos aduaneiros, por essa razão, se for o caso, aconselha-se que o viajante se informe das providências e dos prazos necessários antes da sua saída para o exterior.