Imports of vehicles and motorcycles:
The NSG also acts as an advisor in the import of vehicles, motorcycles, to individuals.
If you are interested in importing a vehicle to high standards, or a rare vehicle, we offer a personalized service throughout the import process, from the moment the choice of vehicle to delivery in your garage. In case of used vehicles, are allowed, only imports of vehicles from 30 years of manufacture, as Ordinance 370 of the Ministry of Industry and Comé Commerce, 29/11/1994, article 4 of item i.
We also advise on obtaining radar / habilitation for individuals with the IRS.
Briefly, to perform an import like this, the following steps occur:
- Acquisition Radar for individuals, for the client, and in parallel, Exporter, that overseas demand for the car you want. To book a car is necessary, a small advance. This value will be shot in the final value of the car.
- We will receive an invoice with a value related to cost U $ S vehicle in the U.S., plus freight costs. This amount will be paid through a consignment sent from the client to the Exporter.
- Application for issuance of documents necessary for the nationalization of the vehicle. LCVM (License to use the Configuration and Motor Vehicles) and LI (Import License) from IBAMA, and the CAT (Certificate of appropriateness Legislation will the Transit) along the DENATRAN.Todos documents will be issued in the name of the client.
- After arrival of the vehicle to Brazil, one begins clearance process, where the values of Federal Taxes will be charged directly in C / C client in favor of IRS, through SISCOMEX.
- After the goods have cleared, and the vehicle as delivered, will be sent to accounting, all costs of the proceedings.
- The process of importing a vehicle, has an average duration of 90 days, and this time one begins counting from the issue of the radar.
- The whole process of importation, will be held on behalf of the client, ie, the client will be the Official Importer only provide all the advice throughout the process.
- License plate of the vehicle will be made directly by the client.
-The process is performed with maximum safety for both parties. The payments are made according to progress.